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Why choose QBE

Because we make it possible. As specialist insurance providers for almost every kind of business, our people have the experience, detailed knowledge and positive attitude you need to achieve your goals. Our clients benefit from a choice of Lloyd's or QBE company paper.

We conduct all our business through brokers. Talk to yours about us, or explore this site to identify the QBE specialists for your sector. They'll be pleased to tell you why we're different - and how we can help.

Our services include Claims, Risk Solutions & Rehabilitation.

Latest News

12 Apr 2016

Boundaries are constantly being pushed as the healthcare system tries to keep up with the demands of an expanding population that have ever greater expectations of what is possible. Whilst new develop...

17 Mar 2016

Despite numerous alerts, extensive guidance and wide publicity, Solicitors continue to needlessly fall victim to fraud and lose their clients’ money to fraudsters on a regular basis.  Desp...

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