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Insurance Act - what brokers need to know

13 May 2015

As the broking community gathers at BIBA this week, high on the agenda of discussion points will be the forthcoming Insurance Act implementation and what it means. As befits a one in a 100 year legal...

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Shift work: how companies can protect employees

6 May 2015

There are more than 3.5 million shift workers in the UK, accounting for 14% of the working population. Shift workers are found in a variety of industries from healthcare to entertainment, with shifts...

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QBE targets growth in Europe 30 Apr 2015  
QBE moves to strengthen operating model 22 Apr 2015  
QBE appoints new Director of Underwriting Operations to drive operational excellence 30 Mar 202015  
QBE appoints Tom Johnson as Surety Underwriter as it targets growth in UK and European surety portfolio 26 Jan 2015  
Pronounced sensitivity to interest rate movement among UK businesses 19 Jan 2015  
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