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Marine hijackings at five-year high

Marine sector: Ship hijackings have reached a five-year high over the first nine months of the year.


22 October 2010

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Operators in the marine sector have seen ship hijackings reach a five-year high in the first nine months of this year, mainly due to Somali pirates.

The first three-quarters of the year saw 39 hijackings, compared to 34 over the same period last year and just 11 in 2006, according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). Of this year's number, Somali pirates are responsible for 35.

The IMB's casualty numbers show that one crew member has been killed and 27 being injured by attackers, during the past 12 months.

However, the multi-national marine task force in the Gulf of Aden has seen the total number of piracy incidents there drop from 100 last year to 44 so far in 2010.

There are fears that this has just driven the problem elsewhere though, with recorded incidents in the South China Sea tripling to 30 so far this year. ADNFCR-3608-ID-19945226-ADNFCR

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