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Risk management for offshore energy

SeaEnergy SEA set to develop three new wind farm sites.


05 January 2011

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The offshore wind energy firm SeaEnergy SEA has declared its joint venture company will develop three new sites into wind farm projects.

Moray Offshore Renewables is said to have signed 'Agreements for Lease' from The Crown Estate for the construction of three sites in the outer Moray Firth.

The North Sea inlet in Scotland's north east will see wind power facilities be developed which will carry 1100MW-worth of power to 750,000 households.

Risk management will have to be carried out for the proposed construction sites of the Eastern Development area of Zone 1 of The Crown Estate.

This particular development relates to the Third Round offshore wind leasing programme.

SeaEnergy consists of an expert team which invented and delivered the first marine wind farm to be developed in deep water. ADNFCR-3608-ID-19950625-ADNFCR

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