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Product recalls up in 2010

Product recalls up in 2010, says law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain


18 January 2011

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The amount of product recalls which took place in the UK because of dangers to health or faults, hit a new high during 2010.

UK national law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain reports 229 product recalls in the 12-month period leading up to November last year.

The firm claims the increase of 24 product recalls from the 205 witnessed last year was partly down the recall of products relating to healthcare.

2009 had seen a drop in recalls for the first time since the firm began recording the data in 2005, although at the time many commentators put this fall down to financial pressures.

A lot of the biggest household names recalled of late have been motor vehicles, with the firm warning that not being attentive to this following the discovery of a fault could result serious risk. ADNFCR-3608-ID-19951144-ADNFCR

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