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Energy supply on a "knife edge" in Europe

Issues with the energy supply in Europe could leave much of the continent’s sector on a "knife edge" according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.


30 April 2012

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Issues with the energy supply in Europe could leave much of the continent's sector on a "knife edge" according to a report carried out byPricewaterhouseCoopers.

The firm's suggested that issues relating to capacity could put Europe's energy production capabilities under pressure unless something is done in the near future.

An 84 per cent rise in electricity consumption has been predicted by the year 2035, with much of this being driven by population growth.

Increased urbanisation and the predicted shift towards electric vehicles will also have an impact.

Steven Jennings, UK power and utilities leader at PwC, said that infrastructure concerns were "translating into unease about security of energy supply".

In the survey, PwC surveyed senior executives from 72 separate power and utility companies from across the globe.

This story was brought to you by QBE, the business insurance specialist.

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