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Dublin to become ‘global centre of digital excellence’

Dublin city Master Plan will turn the Irish capital into a global centre of digital excellence.


04 March 2013

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Dublin is on track to become a global centre of digital excellence, with a new Master Plan set to be unveiled at the end of June outlining new smart technology initiatives which will propel Ireland’s capital as a world-leading digital hub.

Lord mayor of Dublin Naoise Ó’Muirí has recently spoke to the Irish Times about plans to make the capital a “digitally connected and sustainable city”. A new Master Plan will set out a roadmap for the city’s journey to becoming a global centre of digital excellence, with new technologies being implemented against international best practice.

According to the lord mayor the plans will be modelled on similar digital development plans already in place in New York, Barcelona and London, with the aim of creating a sustainable city where everything is connected, “from home to workplace, from streetscape to public park and from healthcare to education.”

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